The Eternal Farm Villages
【22:00, 4th. December / Available in All Countries】

Most of us now live in cities; however, not too long ago, most humans lived in villages. Unfortunately, modern cities and farming villages have become vastly different worlds. How well do we really know our villages now? Do we even pay attention to them? Villages should not be regarded as still-to-be developed cities, or waste disposal sites for urban areas. A self-regulated farming village with its own sense of value is indispensable for national sustainability. The separation of farming villages from urban or modern life is not necessary or inevitable. Facing the challenges of modern technology and industry, it is critical for villages to develop without losing their essential nature.

This PTS production of ‘The Eternal Farm Villages’ takes the viewer to some of the world’s most exemplary villages. The production team visited Germany, the Netherlands, the Unites States, Japan, Indonesia and Taiwan.The inspiring villages they discovered will expand our horizons, and the stories of visionary farmers, residents and business owners give us a chance to see how sustainability can be achieved.

With 30 years of film-making experience, Bowwow Productions spent four years making this documentary series. Combining firsthand materials, 4K resolution footage, charming characters, and inspirational stories, the viewer is transported back to the hometowns we all have somewhere in the back of our minds.